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GTF Holdings is a proud supporter of our local communities. Pursuant to our quantitative requests for sponsorship and donations across a wide variety of projects, we have developed a series of guidelines to help select projects, as well as an electronic form for request submissions.

Supported Projects
GTF Holdings supports events, sponsorships and donations in-kind for projects that are located within our home coverage area and benefit

  • the residents of the counties we serve and have a proven record of success,
  • are easily executed given the timetable provided our employees and staff can assist with or attend
  • if applicable are not politically affiliated with any party or promote a cause that may be deemed controversial

GTF Holdings does not support the following:

  • political causes, events or organizations
  • individuals
  • requests for monetary donations (aside from organized sponsorships)
  • projects outside of our home coverage area
  • projects that do not compliment GTF Holdings values

How to Apply
Any organization requesting sponsorship must answer the following questions for consideration of sponsorship by GTF Holdings However, answering all questions does not guarantee acceptance of the request. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. All applications must be submitted by our online form.



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