GTF Holdings, LLC is a multi-billion dollar New York private equity fund, founded in August of 2012. Our managing executives combined have over 60 years of professional business experience, warranting the formation of our private equity firm.

The company directs equity investments globally, operating businesses, start ups, commercial & residential real estate, commodities, oil, gas, gold, telecommunications, diamonds, media, sports & entertainment, social media, banking, insurance, information technology, mining, finance, security, humanitarian, and philanthropic.

Economic Development is our priority while creating perpetual jobs.

Our Mission
Our primary investment objective is growth of net worth value through long term capital appreciation of acquired assets and long term growth of predictable cash flow mitigating all risk while supporting small to medium size businesses and contributing to the reduction of national debt for The United States of America.


Our values start with honor, integrity, morals, ethics and maintaining our global image of excellence while rewarding those who maintain our standards.

While most see things as complex, we look for the solution that works. Evolution and technology has provided us with simple problem solving while achieveing maximum results.



Protocol is a mandate as well as policy, protocol and procedures that will always be a priority of our team. We believe this methodology is an ongoing systemic challenge of which GTF maintains the highest level of excellence.



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